Sharing an Asset's Location via SMS in T3

Instructions on how to use the Share Location feature in T3 to send an SMS text of an asset's location on the map.

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Within T3, the Share Asset Location feature allows a user to share the location of an asset via SMS (text message). This is especially useful if you need to share your location with someone for maintenance servicing or for a job site location reference.

Sharing an Asset's Location

  • Log into T3's Fleet web app.

  • Select Map from the left menu.

  • Expand the asset list and find your asset.

  • Select the Share button.

  • Enter the phone number to receive the location and the message for the text message or select a T3 user from the dropdown list.

  • The SMS text will deliver to the recipient which contains the asset's current location. Click the blue link to see the location on a map from your phone.

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