Users who utilize the Service feature of T3 can create Task Lists for their company which can be assigned to a Work Order or Inspection to ensure the proper steps are being taken to complete the service-related request.

Creating a Service Task List

  • From T3, open the app drawer and select Fleet.

  • Select Service from the left menu and then the Manage Task Lists tab.

  • Select the New Task List button.

  • Type in a Name and Description for the Task List.

  • From the Edit Task List page, select Add a Task to begin adding steps to the list.

  • Type in a name for the task.

  • Select from the dropdown list options of Task Type.

    • Checkbox - the checkbox will create a box in the task for the user to select when the task is completed.

    • Pass / Fail / NA - selecting Pass / Fail / NA will create three options: pass, fail, NA, for the user to click when completing the task. Note: When failing a task, it will NOT create a Work Order.

    • Input - this will create a text box field so the user can enter details about the task results.

    • Single Select - selecting Single Select will open a new field where you can enter an option name that will be included in the task for completing.

  • Check the Required box if you want the task required.

  • Continue adding steps, the list will save automatically.

    • If you need to delete any steps, select the Remove button.

    • Optionally add the task list to a Maintenance Service Interval at the bottom of the page.

  • Once you are done, click Go back.

  • The new Task List will display in the table.

  • Select Edit to make changes or Delete to remove.

Adding an Existing Task List to a Work Order or Inspection

Once you've created a Task List it can be added to a Work Order or Inspection.

  • From T3, open the app drawer and select Fleet.

  • Select Service from the left menu and then the Work Orders or Inspections tab.

  • Locate and open the Work Order for adding the task list.

  • Select Task List.

  • Select the +Add Task List button.

  • Select an existing Task List from the dropdown list options.

  • Select the Add Task List button.

  • The Task List has been added to the Work Order and is ready for completion.

Assigning a Task List to a Maintenance Service Group's Work Orders and Inspections

A Company Owner or Manager has the ability to add a created Task List to a Maintenance Service Group's future Work Orders and Inspections.

  • From T3, open the app drawer and select Fleet.

  • Select Company from the left menu.

  • Select Account (across the top).

  • Scroll to the Maintenance Groups section and open an existing Maintenance Group using the dropdown list.

  • Select the +Task Lists button.

  • Add a list or multiple lists and check if you'd like the Task List added to Work Orders or Inspections.

  • Click Save. The Task List will be assigned to any future Work Orders or Inspections for the Maintenance Group indicated.

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