Viewing Upcoming Rental Billing Cycles

Instructions on how to view your approaching billing cycles to make data-driven decisions.

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As a rental customer, you can use T3's Fleet web app to know when you're approaching a billing cycle to assess your rental usage and make cost-saving data-driven decisions. If you aren't using the rental as expected on your job site, you can off-rent to avoid the following billing cycle charges.

  1. Select the Rentals option from the left menu.

  2. See the Next Billing column (far right) and sort to ascending from your rentals table.

    1. The table will display the next billing cycle's date, including the days and hours remaining.

4. Next, take a look at the rental's usage in the Utilization column to understand the last seven days of operational activity.

5. Select the action button on the far right and then Off-Rent if you've decided you no longer need the rental due to low usage.

6. The rental will be off-rented.

Watch the video below to see a walk-through of the process.

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