Creating a Work Code (Cost Code) for Time Management

Instructions on how to create a cost code in T3 for organizing employee's labor hours.

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What are Work Codes (Cost Codes)?

Cost Codes are generic classifications consisting of a name and an ID, as created by an administrator of a company and used when tracking time in the Link mobile app. Some examples of Cost Codes could be Cleaning, Building Maintenance, General Labor, and Concrete Work. Once the code exists in the system, the Time Cards user can select a Cost Code under the Work Code field when clocking in for the day. The company administrator will then have a clearer picture of the time spent viewing their employee's time entries in T3's Time Cards web app.

Adding a Cost Code

  • Log into T3.

  • From the left menu, select the Company option.

  • Select the Work tab.

  • Select the Cost Codes tab and select Add cost code.

  • Complete the Create New Cost Code window and select Create to create another Cost Code. Otherwise, select Create & Close.

  • The Cost Code will be available through the Link mobile app under the Work Code field for assigning time.

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