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Creating a Rental Jobsite for Internally Renting Equipment in Inventory
Creating a Rental Jobsite for Internally Renting Equipment in Inventory

Instructions on how to setup a new rental jobsite in T3 for internally renting equipment.

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Keeping track of all your mixed fleet is essential when managing your operations. With Inventory, you can take the guesswork out of available equipment for upcoming projects. Take action on your equipment by internally renting or assigning them to your projects and jobs. The advantage of using the internal rental process is to assign the equipment to a jobsite and know exactly where your equipment is at all times. If you find you need to add a new jobsite to T3, follow the instructions below.

Creating a Rental Jobsite

  • From T3's Inventory feature, find an asset that is available for internally renting.

  • Expand the row and select the action ellipsis and then On-Rent.

  • The On-Rent form will display. Complete the details and select Create rental jobsite to add a new one.

  • A Create Rental Jobsite window will pop over from the right side. Enter a name for the jobsite.

  • You can select Address or Coordinates from the Address dropdown for locating your jobsite.

    • If selecting Address, type the address in the Enter an address box.

    • If selecting Coordinates, type the coordinates in the blank box.

  • You can also identify your location using the pin drop. To activate, select the Place pin button on the top right and drop the pin on the map.

  • Once the pin has been dropped on the map, the address location will display to the left. If you've got the wrong location and need to re-drop the pin, select Place Pin again.

  • To create a geofence (a virtual boundary) around the jobsite for tracking and organizing assets on the map, select the Create geofence around the location box. See Setting up Geofence Alerts to Monitor Activity for more information on using Geofences.

    • The geofence will default to a .5-mile radius around the location.

  • Once you are done with the Create Rental Jobsite form, select the Create button. The new jobsite will display in your list of available rental jobsites in the On-Rent form.

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