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Fetching a Historical Video Clip in T3's Camera Page
Fetching a Historical Video Clip in T3's Camera Page

Instructions on fetching a historical video and saving it to your dashboard in T3's Camera page.

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The T3 Dash Cam uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and record footage and display those clips within the Camera page of T3. There may be times when you need to access a historical video clip that the T3 Dash Cam didn't detect.

Fetching Historical Video Clips on T3's Camera Page

  • Open the Camera page in T3's Fleet web app.

  • From the Camera homepage, select Vehicles and then the search icon. Type in the vehicle name.

  • Select the vehicle for which you need the historical video clip.

  • Select Fetch Video History at the top.

  • The Fetch Video Historical window will display. Follow the recommended steps below to fetch the footage you need.

  1. Adjust the Start Time by opening the date picker, selecting a date, and updating the time.

  2. (Optional) Click throughout the timeline to find precisely what you need. The colored sections indicate stored footage throughout the day.

  3. A thumbnail preview will show what you've selected in the timeline.

  4. Slide the Video Duration toggle to create a clip from 1 min up to 5 mins long.

  5. Select the Play Stream button to watch the clip. Note: The play stream function may not be available if the vehicle is currently in a low cell service area.

  6. Once you're ready to fetch the video clip, select the down arrow and then Fetch Default-Res video file (this is recommended as it is the fastest).

  • Once the footage is fetched, return to the main Camera page.

  • The footage may still be fetching, you can check the status by opening the Queue, which will show a live preview of the status.

    • Note: If the download hasn’t been completed within 48 hours of the fetch request, the request is removed and will need to be fetched again.

  • Once the fetch is complete, the video will be saved to your All Events dashboard.

  • To find the fetched footage, locate the day for which the footage occurred and find a file marked as Saved Historical Video.

  • Open the file by clicking the thumbnail.

  • If you want to save the footage to your computer, select the Download button at the top and Download to Computer.

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