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Fetching Time-lapse Video in T3's Camera Page
Fetching Time-lapse Video in T3's Camera Page

Instructions on fetching a time-lapse video in T3's Camera page.

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The T3 Dash Cam uses artificial intelligence to detect and record footage and display those clips within the Camera page of T3. One of the features of the T3 Dash Cam is the ability to fetch a time-lapse video.

Fetching Time-lapse Video on T3's Camera Page

  • Open the Camera page in T3's Fleet web app.

  • From the Camera homepage, select Vehicles and then the search icon. Type in the vehicle name.

  • Select the vehicle for which you need the historical video clip.

  • Select Fetch Video History at the top.

  • From the Fetch History Video window, select the start date and time for the time-lapse video.

  • Check the Time-Lapse box.

    • Note: When the Time-Lapse is unchecked, Video Duration changes to Footage Duration, and the maximum duration changes from 5 to 60 minutes.

  • Using the Footage Duration slider, adjust the length of the time-lapse footage. When you are ready, click Fetch Video.

  • Once the footage is downloaded, it can be viewed from the download window or as a newly-created Time-Lapse event in the list of events.

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