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Logging into T3 with a Cell Phone Number

Instructions on logging into T3 with an existing user's cell phone number.

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Existing T3 users can use their cell phone number to log into T3, the Link mobile app, and the E-Logs mobile app. To use, you must have a cell phone number on file in your T3 profile.

To update your phone number, see Updating Account Settings in T3.

Any customers who utilize an SSO email authenticator at their company cannot use the cell phone login feature.

Logging into T3 with a Cell Phone Number

  • From the T3 login page, select Continue with Cell phone number.

  • Enter your cell phone number and select Continue.

    • This will send a special 6-digit security code to ensure you are authorizing the login.

  • Check your phone's text message and copy the 6-digit code.

  • Enter the code in the Enter the 6-digit code box in the T3 login screen.

You will see an error message if you enter an incorrect validation code.

  • Select Continue.

  • You will be logged into T3.

Note: If you have any issues using your cell phone to log in, contact Customer Support using the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

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