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Updating a User's Information and Role Permissions
Updating a User's Information and Role Permissions

Instructions on how to update a user's name, phone number, permissions, and role.

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A company Manager or Owner can update a user's information from the Edit User Form under the Company page. The following information can be updated from the form:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Time Zone

  • Branch Assignment

  • Time Tracking / Work Order Flag

  • Employee Schedule

  • Employee Overtime Rules

  • Security Level

  • Permissions (Read-Only, Hide Asset Details, Can Rent, Can Read Asset Financial Records, Can Create Asset Financial Records, Can Access Camera Media)

  • Delete Role

Accessing the Edit User Form

  • Log into T3's Fleet web app.

  • Select Company from the left navigation menu. 

  • Select Users (across the top). 

  • Find the user for updating and click the Settings ellipsis and Edit

  • From the Edit User form, complete the updates and click Save.

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