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Troubleshooting Hardware Devices

Instructions on what to do when you experience an out-of-date cellular or GPS contact for your tracker device.

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Calamp 2830 and 3030, Morey MC3, MC4, and MC4+ Devices

Check Secure Installation

Ensure the telematics hardware is securely installed. An unsecured device can result in an Out-of-Date Cellular or GPS Contact status.

Check Indicator Lights

Observe the device's lights. Blinking lights often indicate no connection, depending on the color. Contact Customer Support to determine if the issue is related to GPS or phone signal.

Verify Asset Power

Does the asset start? If not, the battery may need to be replaced. Once the battery is replaced, the tracker should start receiving power.

Assess Location

Has the asset changed locations since it stopped communicating? Check if it is in an area with poor cell coverage, such as a quarry, a remote location, or inside a building.

Check Asset Status

Confirm if the asset is still part of the fleet, has been sold, or is currently out of service for repairs.

Non-Powered Assets (GL500, TTU07, TTU73)

  1. Remove the telematics device from the asset.

  2. Place it in an area with a clear view of the sky overnight to allow the tracker to communicate under ideal conditions.

For Bluetooth Nodes:

  1. Place the asset next to another asset equipped with an MC4+ device.

  2. Contact Customer Support with the node number and the nearby MC4+ number.

Still Having Issues?

If you have tried all the recommended steps above and are still experiencing issues, please use the chat icon to contact Customer Support.

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