The following questions are troubleshooting tips when a Tracking Device is in an Out of Lock (OOL) status. To understand why the device is OOL, see the article Why is my Tracker Device showing Out of Lock?

Calamp 2830 and 3030, Morey MC3, MC4, and MC4+

  • Is the tracker securely installed?
    An unsecured installed tracking device will produce an Out of Lock status.

  • Does the tracker show lights? Are they solid or blinking?
    Blinking lights generally indicate no connection, depending on what color light is blinking. Contact our Customer Support team and we can narrow it down to lack of GPS or phone signal. For more information, see What do the lights on my tracking device mean?

  • Does the asset start?
    If the asset fails to start, it would suggest the battery on the asset needs to be replaced. Once replaced, the tracker should be able to start receiving power.

  • Has the asset changed locations since it stopped communicating?
    Is the asset in an area with bad cell phone coverage like a quarry (open-pit mine in which dimension stone, rock, construction aggregate, riprap, sand, gravel, or slate is excavated from the ground) or the middle of nowhere or inside a building?

  • Is the asset still part of the fleet, has it been sold or is it being repaired and is currently out of service?

Non-Powered Assets (GL500, TTU07 TTU73)

Remove tracker from the asset, place it in an area with a clear view of the sky overnight to allow the tracker to communicate under ideal conditions

Bluetooth Nodes

The asset will need to be placed next to another asset with an MC4+ tracker, then contact Customer Support with node number and nearby MC4+ number.

Still having issues? If after trying all the recommended steps above and still having OOL issues, contact Customer Support at

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