Adding Costs to a Work Order

Instructions on how to add parts and labor costs to your Work Orders in T3.

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With T3's Work Order system, you can keep track of service tickets from start to finish, understanding tasks along the way, who did them, and how long they took to complete.

Adding costs to a Work Order allows you to see a complete picture of the parts and labor associated with your WOs to plan and budget more accurately. Additionally, maintenance costs can help determine the total cost of ownership for your assets to get an idea of long-term value.

Adding Costs to a Work Order

  • Log into T3's Fleet web app.

  • Select Service from the left menu.

  • Locate your Work Order within the table. Click the blue ID link to open.

  • From the Work Order details view (right side), select Add Cost.

  • A box will display allowing you to enter a dollar value.

  • Click Save. It will display in the Work Order details.

    • To Edit the value, select Add Cost again and update the value or clear it out to $0 if you accidentally added an amount.

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