As a user of Time Cards in the Link mobile app, you can clock in and out, take breaks, and manage your time entries -- all from your smartphone device. If location sharing is enabled on your smartphone device, the app will check your location behind the scenes throughout your workday (only when clocked in).

  • The app will detect your location when clocking in when location sharing is enabled.

  • When you remain clocked in, the app will check your location throughout the day behind the scenes.

    • If the location has changed since the app's last check-in, the location will be recorded on your time entry in T3's Time Cards web app. If the location doesn't change, the record will not update.

The accuracy of the location depends on your smartphone device's location accuracy. The Link mobile app is simply reading the location detected from your phone. For more information on your smartphone’s location, see the manufacturer's details.

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