Editing Work Order Details

Instructions on how to edit or change the Work Order details in T3's Work Orders feature.

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After a Work Order (WO) is created, the Work Order details can be edited by a Manager or Owner-level or any users that are assigned to the WO (except for deleting the WO).

Editing a Work Order in T3

  • Log into T3's Fleet web app.

  • Select Service from the left menu.

  • Locate the Work Order from the table and select the blue ID link.

  • Once the Work Order is open, any items along the left side can be updated.

  • Tags - Add an identifier to label and organize your work orders.

  • Severity - Select between Soft Down or Hard Down to describe the level of severity of the service request.

  • Billing Type - Select between Internal, Warranty, or Customer as the billing type.

  • Priority - Select between Critical, High, Medium, or Low to prioritize your mechanics service tickets.

  • Adding or Removing Users

    • To add a user, select the + icon and search from your list of mechanics.

    • To remove a user, select the user's name and then Remove from Work Order.

  • With the Work Order still open, some items along the right side can be updated.

  • Asset ID - Select the blue Edit link to open a window allowing you to select another asset ID for assigning the WO.

  • Work Order Cost - Select the blue Add Cost link to open a window for adding any manual costs associated with the WO.

  • Scheduled Start and End - Select the Edit link to update the start and end times of servicing the asset.

  • Branch Transfer - Select the Edit link to open a window allowing you to select another branch to service the WO.

  • Delete Work Order - Select the Delete link to remove the WO. Can only be done by a Manager or Owner-level.

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