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Using T3 Dash Cam's Sleep Mode Feature

Instructions on how to turn on sleep mode feature of T3 Dash Cam.

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The T3 Dash Cam's Sleep Mode feature provides coverage, even when you're not using your vehicle. You can now wake up your camera for 30 minutes, and it is available for up to 72 hours after your vehicle’s ignition has been turned off.

Sleep Mode will allow you to remotely awaken the Dash Cam from T3 to review and download historical media without powering your vehicle back on, providing more visibility and security to your assets.

This feature is helpful for many scenarios:

  • It allows for retrieval of camera media from T3 on-demand, even when the vehicle is powered down and located remotely (for 72 hours). This eliminates the need to physically send someone to the vehicle's location to power it on and retrieve the needed information.

  • It allows access to camera media for vehicles that are either in service or have been involved in an accident and cannot be powered on.

Note: If the vehicle is in a poor cell service area, the camera cannot be remotely awaken.

Activating T3 Dash Cam Sleep Mode


In order to use Sleep Mode, the vehicle must have operated in the last 72 hours. Otherwise, the vehicle is considered asleep and cannot be woken remotely after 72 hours of ignition off.

  • Open the T3 Fleet web app.

  • Select the Camera page in the left menu.

  • Select any of your vehicles you would like to review.

  • At the top of the All Events page, next to your vehicle’s name, select Sleep Mode and then Wakeup Camera.

  • Once selected, your camera will take about 3 minutes to load, then you will have 30 minutes of access to your asset’s T3 Dash Cam footage without the need to power your vehicle on.

Note: The Sleep Mode feature may not work if the vehicle is in a poor cell signal area.

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