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Assigning a Tracker Device to an Asset in T3

Instructions on how to tie or assign a tracker device to an asset in T3 and remove or untie an assigned tracker device from an asset.

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Assigning your tracker device with your asset in the T3 system is one of the most important onboarding steps to monitor asset location, utilization, and diagnostics. When you become a new T3 customer, you'll receive your devices in a kit and a welcome email from T3 on how to install your devices, if you choose to do this on your own.


Before you install the tracker device in your asset, write down or take a photo of the serial number on your tracker device. This is a unique identifier for your specific tracker device. You'll need this later for tying your tracker to your asset.

Assigning or Tying a Tracker Device to An Asset in T3

After the tracker device is installed in the asset, you'll need to add the asset to the T3 platform. This is when you'll tie the tracker device to the asset.

  • From the T3 Fleet web app, select the Assets page from the left menu.

  • Select the Add Asset button and then Single Asset.

  • Follow the step-by-step asset form. On page 2, you'll see a Tracker field on the form.

  • Open the Tracker dropdown options which will display all the tracker device serial numbers for your company. These will already be loaded into T3 for your company! If you do not see your device, contact Customer Support.

  • Select the appropriate serial number tracker device for the asset you are adding to the system. You can type in the number or select from the dropdown options.

  • Select Next to continue with the form.

  • Once you are ready to submit the asset, select Save.

Checking the Tracker Device Status

Once the tracker device is tied to the asset, you can optionally check its status in T3.

  • From the T3 Fleet web app, find the asset from the Map list.

    • Use the search to type in the asset name.

  • Select the asset and then Details.

  • Select the Status tab and the Asset Health Status will display.

Removing a Tracker Device from an Asset in T3

Removing the tracker device will not cancel the subscription. Contact T3 sales support for enrollment device questions.

  • From the T3 Fleet web app, select the Assets page.

  • Locate the asset and select the Asset Name.

  • Select the Edit tab and then scroll down to the Tracker field.

  • Put your cursor within the Tracker field, select the Delete button on your keyboard, and then select Save asset.

  • The tracker device is no longer connected and tied to the asset.

Note: If you are installing MC4+ with a three-wire harness, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

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